DeSoto County Unveils Logo Design Ideas

The curtain has gone up on DeSoto County’s new logo — and the reviews from public officials are positive.

“It’s different from any other,” Supervisor Lee Caldwell of Nesbit said of the design, recommended after 10 months of work by a seven-member committee of county employees and approved by supervisors. “I’m impressed that the committee members all came together on a design that captures so much.”

logo design ideas

The roundish logo features the white image of a cupola — alluding to that on the DeSoto Courthouse on the square in Hernando — on a navy blue field on the logo’s left half. A wavy interval, meant to signify the Mississippi River, glides through the center, and the right side is a leafy shape that tapers down to the words “DeSoto County MS.”

Official variations include black on white, a gray version and a black-on-white option. The logo design ideas will adorn everything DeSoto, from team-building polo shirts to road department trucks to letterhead and business cards.

logo design ideas

The state designation immediately distinguishes the county from other DeSoto County entities, including another DeSoto County in Florida, said Mary Jane Thaxton, project leader in the county Information Technology department and committee member/coordinator.

“We worked for months hashing this out,” Thaxton told the supervisors this week, “and we feel this is the best logo design we’ve come up with.”

The board approved the motion of Supervisor Mark Gardner of Southaven to adopt the design and direct the logo committee to develop a policy guide for its use. Thaxton said the logo will get its official launch with the debut of the county’s revamped website in November.

logo design ideas

The cupola suggests Southern charm and tradition with a hint of authority, officials said. The “leaf” connotes the county’s green spaces, commitment to the environment, agricultural roots and ongoing impact, and quality of life. The wavy “river” line that ties the two images represents the county’s chief landmark, its rich history and alludes to DeSoto’s position as a bustling hub of transportation and commerce.

“It’s neat, it’s clean,” Supervisor Bill Russell said of the logo. “And that swoop — I really like consolidating the river into the design. The Mississippi River has been sitting over there on our west side forever, and I’d say more than 90 percent of people in DeSoto County have never seen the river from here.”

logo design ideas

A booster of the DeSoto Greenways network, Russell hopes the acquaintance of residents and visitors with the river will surge with development of the old Bass Landing area into a river park.

The logo’s arrival comes with a major overhaul of the county’s community relations effort.

A public information officer — a first for the growing county — will be named soon by supervisors. The official, who will report to the county administrator, will prepare and coordinate information ranging from internal bulletins and social media contacts to news releases on major events and will handle inquiries during disaster/emergency situations.

logo design ideas

Meanwhile, county website will morph into a new, multifaceted but user-friendly form. DeSoto IT director John Mitchell and Thaxton have been working with Kansas-based CivicPlus, a website firm that helped develop and now powers Southaven’s DeSoto will have a content-management solution, said Mitchell, with an event calendar, an online job application, an alert center for emergencies, a portal to report concerns or problems, a photo gallery, a facilities and reservation system and mobile applications to improve citizen interaction.

And like the cherry topping the sundae, it’ll sport the now-official logo designers.

“I’m really happy with it,” Thaxton said. “We’re hoping it will well represent DeSoto County and promote all our assets.”


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